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  • This temple was on Ganakamadhana Hill. Rama, before leaving with Sita, had visited this temple and had donated a gold lingam which exists to date.

  • Following her release, Sita has met Rama in Karatagama, now a sacred city of Hindus and Buddhists. They had got married once more and left for India together with Lakshman on the sky chariot.

  • Naga Gothra people took the body of Ravana to the Ragala – Walapane jungles. It is said that failing to give him life by using herbs, he was kept in a mountain cave, following mummifications. As the area is inhabited by deadly snakes, locals nor explorers visit this area now.

  • The battle in Yudagannawa (now Wasgamuwa) was where the battle ground was. In this historic area, vegetation does not grow to this day. Wasgamuwa is now a wild life sanctuary.

  • Ravana had tried to cut in half the Hindu temple Thirukoneswaram (Koneswaram Temple) as his mother was unable to visit it. The new temple now stand in place of the original temple which has been submerged in the sea.

  • Malisawa Tenina, which is near Welimada was where Rama’s palace is said to have been. Brick and granite slabs as well as stonework has been recovered from this area.

  • A river found close to Sri Pada (also known as Adam’s Peak), Sita is said to have bathed here. At modern times, pilgrims to Sri Pada bath here and wear white apparel. But the name Sita Ganga comes from the meaning of ‘cold’ (Sita) river (Ganga).

  • Sita performed Agni Pariksha (proving her chastity) to Rama, her husband at this place. Villages in the area, vow their fidelity here.

  • Ravana had kept Sita imprisoned at Ravana Ella Caves. The dazzling waterfall Ravana Ella is located close by to Bandarawela.


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