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Ramayana Tour of Sri Lanka

According to the great Indian epic Ramayana, significant events of the story have taken place in Lanka. Legend has it that Ravana, the King of Lanka, abducted Queen Sita, wife of King Rama and brought her to Lanka from India on a wooden flying machine called Pushpaka Vimana. The great tale describes Rama, after building a floating bridge (called Rama Sethu) between India and Lanka, travels to Lanka with his army. A lengthy battle ensues in which Rama kills Ravana and rescues his wife, Sita. Today, there is great opportunity to visit many places believed to have been taken place in Ramayana, such as where Ravana’s plane landed, where Sita was held captive, battlefields where vast armies clashed, groves of exotic herbs dropped by the monkey God Hanuman, and the ultimate theatre of war where Lord Rama vanquished Ravana. It is indeed an exotic journey and we at SelcoHolidays are thrilled to take you along the trails of Ramayana.