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With trumpeting elephants, monkeys crashing through the trees, peacocks in their finest frocks and cunning leopards sliding like shadows through the undergrowth, Yala National Park (also known as

History of the Kandy Perahera

Old Ceylon Kandy PeraheraIt is believed the Kandy Perahera has its origin with the arrival of Prince Danta and  Princess Hemamala, the son-in-law and

The pride of a nation and the country in the eyes of the world is enhanced by its civilization, its culture and its natural beauties. Endowed with these qualifications with a 2500 year old history

Sinharaja is one of the most beautiful virgin tropical rain forest remaining in Sri lanka where you can see more than 50% of endemic flora and fauna. Do to its high biodiversity and ecological

Sigiriya, termed "the eighth wonder of the world", is a city built on a rock. It is unique for its amazing architecture and construction, the beautiful frescoes and the mirror wall.It is a place